Disposable Digital Camera Ideas

Why a disposable digital camera?

When it comes to a works party, a night out, or an event where you don’t really feel comfortable taking your $500 Canon or Samsung camera, then the safest and possibly cheapest option is either your camera on your smartphone or an even better solution is to pick up a disposable digital camera.


We know that you’re not going to get the clearest images in the world, that the focus won’t be as clear or as crisp, but one other thing we know is if this camera happens to get knocked off a table, dropped or has liquids spilled on it, then you’ve lost $10 – $20 and not twenty times that mount at least.

It’s easily done too where people get really caught up in the moment, take a few snaps of friends or family, then put their camera down on the table to go get a fresh drink from the bar, or use the bathroom only to come back and find your much loved possession has been stolen by the opportunist thief. The downside here is apart from the financial loss, it’s also all the other images you have saved on this camera, that you haven’t gotten around to downloading so these too are lost for good.



Single Use Cameras


What are the and what sort of money are these?

As the name implies, this is a disposable , cheap to purchase, one-time-use camera in compact body which costs the same as a take away lunch order. These are ideal to slip into your coat pocket, purse or bum bag as they are small in size.

Easy to use, no need to worry about zooming in for a shot, these are a basic, 27 exposure camera that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These are so straight forward to use, they’re ideal for kids who you may not want to trust with a more expensive camera.

These are available in single units, or we usually buy the twin pack, just on the off chance that when we come to use this camera, so if one doesn’t work for any reason at least we have a reserve.


How good is the quality  of a disposable digital camera?

Loaded with Fujicolor 400-speed film, this ensures a pretty decent image. With the flash, what we like is that this is a continuous flash so this then automatically recharges for your next picture, meaning you’re not stood waiting about. Fun, funky, portable and inexpensive to buy – what is there not to like?

What else is there to say really?  These are available as the ever popular twin pack  which we tend to buy.



Other pack sizes are single count, packs of 5 or if you’ve got quite a party going on they can be purchased in bulk in box with 10 of these. As you can guess the bigger the pack size, the cheaper each disposable digital camera becomes as a unit price.

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