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They’ve finally arrived, the long-awaited summer vacation. Beautiful beaches, distant destinations, exotic animals and a lot of attractions are waiting to be discovered and photographed. fotofilm blog today some tips along the way.

  1. Digital photography is blessing and a curse. Of course you can now go wild. Thanks to the technical possibilities it happening snap and then delete hundreds of images in no time again. But to think from the outset, as the subject is best set photographically in scene could already be part of enjoying with all your senses and come to rest.

Only with the right camera position, a conscious image structure and the right light brings you tension into the picture and looks at it will always be happy.

  1. Especially if you are traveling with a new camera, you should read the manual in detail and still take home the menus of your camera under the microscope and tinkering around with its features.

It’s a shame when good situations, eg be missed at a summer festival or a safari, because you turn to long on dial.

  1. You really want to look busy for hours with the post your pictures after the holidays? If not, a polarizing filter would be a good alternative.

It usually does not cost much and suppresses reflections and reflections while shooting stills.

  1. Find in advance whether festivals, fairs and concerts take place at your resort. This is a good opportunity to scan the country and people in an authentic way. Do not photographing coyly from a distance.

Get in touch to ask if it’s OK to take a picture. Mostly reaps a friendly yes AND a successful photo.

  1. Pay attention to detail. Sharpen your view, romp yourself in the picture composition. Of course, have points of totals continue to exist. But travel photography, when a strange place in bright colors with its typical symbols capture (or the rickety coach or gambling on the street children or the lanterns of the food stalls or the glassless windows or whatever) really exciting.
  2. acting unusually. Whoever manages on vacation, only once (otherwise yes you can sleep in peace) morning rouse will be rewarded with splendid sunrise images. The Blue Hour demanded as even less victims. Here you can also take the help of apps avail showing one when there is applicable. In running water, it is worthwhile to play with the exposure time. Try using 1/30 sec. To obtain times picturesque rapids.
  3. Do not forget the photo processing. Concomitant of digital photography, it is also that we have our images “rot” in hard drives and storage media. Actually too good, right? Photobooks, posters, canvases, photo albums, mobile phone cases … so much is possible, which keeps alive the vacation memories.

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