The best digital camera

Many people wonder: What is the best digital camera? What camera should I buy? Answers, tips and lighting of the subject:

Many men buy the most expensive cameras, but expose their lives not a good photo.

Now times honest: there are fantastic photos, which were taken with a smartphone or iPhone. Simply because the photographer or the photographer found a wonderful perspective, or exposed a motive at the right time. Probably many people walked past the subject and have not even noticed.

Criteria when buying camera


  • price
  • Handling / Operation
  • If the camera well in my hand?
  • Viewfinder or pure display camera?
  • weight and height
  • image quality
  • Fi & GPS
  • folding screen
  • hotshoe
  • Good open aperture


The best digital camera fits comfortably in your hand

So what helps a professional camera, if I can not hold good in the hand? If I can find intuitive control knobs do not and I do not get along in the digital camera menu? Or if the fonts and symbols on the large display are so small that I only have to get reading glasses out before I can shoot it?

Always it goes in professional magazines by the noise, the megapixels , the display image quality. It all does not help to change our gut feeling that there might say, too big, too heavy, too cumbersome, too small, too little chic.

In my photography courses I meet good photographers with all sorts of cameras. Each of these cameras has its advantages and peculiarities. There is a folding screen, on the other digital camera, there is an excellent operating concept. But every photographer must first learn how to take good photos exposed.

So why good photo papers, forums and people talk so much about digital cameras and not about photography, the screen layout, the light, the development of the photo? Because you prefer talks about technology than about the content. Still, people search for you the best digital camera.

The best digital camera can do nothing without the artist behind. Do we care together again around the photo. I look forward to your / your best shot.

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