Although the question of whether it make rather a digital or analog camera should be, not many, but nevertheless analog film cameras are still the source of the photography and the classic among all other techniques. In fact, recommended for most users today a digital camera, but also here there are big differences between the different variants on offer.

The Classic: The analog camera

For many, the memories of the good old analog camera like with photosensitive filmstrip be limited primarily to the fact that such a film after a few images was already full, that the change annoying and time-consuming and developing the images was overpriced anyway. Objectively this also applies everything, and therefore is an analog camera now also no longer an option for all those who operate Photography rather casually and would like to see especially results – because Facebook uploads or photo books the images of an analog camera are hard to use.

But despite all the analog camera still has many fans who just appreciate this old, more complex system: The feeling that light actually downright capture with an old SLR camera with a movie and manual aperture and shutter speed adjustment and this – possibly even even – to develop later, is a very special. Not only they eagerly awaited images exerts a certain charm, but also the feeling of being able to take pictures only limited because it causes you more aware receives each photo, as if the photos snaps with a digital camera masse. So the analog camera is indeed now seen as a kind of relic, but among connoisseurs and it is still a fascinating implement, because you have not really “manually” take the pictures and develop.

Modernity: The digital camera

For all normal users, the holiday photographer on the occasion clippers to documentary photographers, a modern digital camera is in most cases significantly better, and that because the images themselves of the space is free and almost unlimited and also the distribution channels are much less complicated because the images are already in digital form. Digital cameras can be ordered on the internet among others.

For serious photographers only the reflex remains among digicams usually as really useful, because with it you can directly influence all recording parameters, as in the older analog camera. Moreover SLRs still represent the benchmark, when it comes to picture quality – here to affordable, compact digicams, often not keep for less than 100 bucks. But they are an economical alternative for casual users who want to create any sophisticated compositions especially memories. As a compromise, relatively new is the system camera that combine some of the advantages of SLR technology such as exchangeable lenses and larger image sensors with the compactness and simplicity of small digicams. For more demanding users the opportunity that an expensive SLR camera does not want to afford such system cameras can be a real alternative.

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