Digital Compact or SLR camera – what is the right choice?

I keep asking myself as photographer and photo manager acquaintances and friends, which digital camera may be right for them. Is it the compact digital camera, bridge camera, system camera or SLR ? That answer is always different in each case, because each person has different ideas, applications, preferences and priorities.

Advantages compact digital camera:

  • lighter and handier than SLR
  • can be easily taken along everywhere
  • does not make such a stir, making it more suitable for times hidden snapshots
  • lower cost
  • snapping depending on the application for professional recordings
  • better dust protection by closed housing / optics
  • videos available
  • Often these cameras foldable displays, with those photos from the ground or overhead are possible have

Disadvantages digital compact camera:

  • poorer picture quality
  • most larger digital noise in dark environments by smaller chip
  • no interchangeable lenses
  • no blur options as with SLR ( Portrait etc.), because the optics usually have much more depth of field
  • often no optional external flash possible (smaller Compact)
  • often not a good macro area
  • often not a good zoom range (3-5 times zoom)
  • often no RAW storage, but only JPG
  • often not so good adjustment options as with SLR (manual focus is not possible)
  • often no exact zoom level possible
  • often no viewfinder, but only display (camera on the eye blur an image less)
  • shutter lag
  • Sometimes digital viewfinder (which is a matter of taste)

Advantages digital SLR:

  • optical viewfinder with an exact reproduction of the later photos
  • Interchangeable lenses good quality possible
  • largest range of zoom ranges
  • all macro options
  • manual controls of the times / Aperture, sharpness
  • Control the depth of field is often possible via button
  • external flash possible
  • Studio flash with transmitter possible
  • no shutter lag
  • faster image sequence (portrait, sports, reportage)
  • good Accessories
  • Focus selectable, depending on the optics
  • Possibility of filters for optical systems (a few Compact have this option)
  • mostly different recording formats (JPG / TIF / RAW)
  • better dynamics
  • less noise (larger chip)
  • better overall image quality

Disadvantages digital SLR:

  • relatively expensive, heavy and cumbersome
  • no display of the picture before triggering possible, but only after
  • no folding displays
  • often no videos available
  • Dust vulnerability by changing the Objective
  • complicated for beginners settings that can be quickly learned but

Digital Compact or SLR camera

When you generally think about digital photography, it is still the accessories and the necessary PC in mind, which must be served. The correction and careful storage of digital photos, as well as the improved analog image quality for amateurs (correction of specialist laboratories) makes digital photography is not always a better choice than the analog camera.

But it is certainly nice to be able to see the photos immediately and correct. We can take a lot of photos in the digital age are free and learn more quickly from the mistakes than in the analog domain. This makes digital photography so sexy.

We have here the bridge camera and camera system is also excluded, because the article has arisen and these cameras were not so popular. But on request we write this like a few sentences, because these cameras for amateur photographers are very interesting alternatives.

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