Cameras for beginners – The manufacturer’s discretion

Just as a beginner, it is often difficult to find a camera that is both inexpensive and at the same time to convince technically white. Because different needs among photographers, it is always difficult to give a general answer to the question of the best entry-level device. Generally, however, it is always useful if device already is selected at the beginning a little “bigger” because the small variations quickly come up against their own limitations and do not grow with the experience and capabilities of the new photographers. In addition, the cameras specifically as “entry-level model” sold are playful in most cases and not allow the selection of specific settings, but do not assume this automatically. However, beginners should choose waive more exotic variants because these are some drawbacks.

Known manufacturers as a sensible choice

The big brand names such as Nikon, Canon or Sony are so popular for a reason and have a large number of entry-level devices. In addition, the manufacturer can also offer a variety of accessories that can be adjusted to many situations. In addition, the secondary market, as most users tend to offer lenses that are among the big brands – the purchase of new lenses for more exotic brands can quickly become expensive. Also can be in the models of well-known manufacturers a variety of information, explanation video and meaningful settings found. If you want to optimize the use of the new camera, which applies to information in known models simply much faster and more comprehensively.

Basically offer newer models better sensors, a sophisticated operation and can convince with useful features. But if you want to save money when buying and is looking for a used camera models, which can also rely confidently on some older versions. This can in fact usually also scored with a large number of additional material for the tight budget. For many users, however, the feel and the processing of the camera plays a big role, so it can be quite effective when a model is pre-tested in specialist shop or can be taken in hand.

Adjust lens with your own wishes

Basically, there is nothing wrong with buying an SLR when the supplied kit lens is used at the beginning. Ultimately, of course, the question arises which images to be shot: If you want your holiday make some beautiful photos and this will play a bit with the focal length, which can safely use the supplied lens. However, those who want to be active as an artist and really want to learn photography, will not be easily satisfied with the simple objective. Of course, an expensive model does not help pictures of a professional studio, such as immediately to create, but it allows more flexibility and the opportunity to learn. Corresponding lenses for beginners are offered already for under 200 dollars and can really perform well. However, a general rule with the lenses that they are worth the price – so if you pay less, also gets less power.

Fixed focal length versus zoom lens

In classic kit lenses is generally used optical zoom, although it provides a decent quality, but can not compete with comparable lenses with fixed focal length. There are also really good zoom lenses, but these are quite expensive and not really suitable for beginners. Fixed focal length has some advantages over the kit lenses: it offers much more sharpness and better contrast and clearer colors. In addition, the larger aperture offers the possibility a larger background indemnify. Moreover arise during use less lens error such as aberrations or distortions. It is worthwhile first to choose an appropriate model, which is quietly located in temperate regions price definitely a beginner – should occur more needs later, the lens can still be replaced.

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