Camera for beginners – Care should be taken

Especially beginners who want to re-enter in the subject of photography are often overwhelmed with the purchase of a first camera. On the one hand the new model technically sufficient and convincing for a prolonged period, on the other hand it may not even cost too much. Especially with large sales chains advice is not really competent, because the staff often provide unnecessarily complex devices that are more aimed at professionals and are not suitable for beginners. In such a case, the Internet usually provides a good opportunity to learn about the various deals, but here argue the spirits: In appropriate forums brands, old and new models as well as the key points are discussed hot and even beginners quickly lose the overview. But what should actually be taken when camera-buying?

Choosing a good sensor

Even the best, most expensive camera is only as good as the user behind the lens. For fine or sharp images are not automatically fired by more expensive models, instead, the correct operation is vital. Beginners who are looking for a first camera, but should pay from a technical perspective, especially on the sensor. Although modern products generally have a correspondingly sophisticated sensor, however, the different models differ quite in detail: are above all dynamic range and noise performance are influenced by the sensor and especially when there is little light or high contrast yet come these points into play. Unfortunately, can not simply be given the appropriate values, so it’s worth just in this point to seek advice from a photo expert. So users may often simply in a professional photo studio as ask which models would meet in the above points to your needs.

Megapixel and Operation

One of the best known terms in camera models is the “megapixel”, which is often referred to in advertising as an important reason to buy. However, a high megapixel count does not provide automatically for sharper pictures and even beginners will receive a high resolution more once problems. Instead, newcomers should rather opt for a model that has about 16 MP – this is definitely sufficient. At least as important as a good sensor is also handling the camera. This should be intuitive and provide all important functions within a few handles. The lesser-used functions should not be hidden deep in the operating menu, but to quickly find, if they are still needed once. Those who observe these points, which can quickly choose a suitable model and collect ideally in specialized stores first experience with it.

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