July and August is holiday peak season: No matter where you spend your days off – at home, on the beach or in a foreign city! Most photo moments deserve a special place where they will never be forgotten. In exceptional photo book images are in good hands – a piece of vacation is always ready on the shelf and invites you to indulge in pensive relaxed memories. Get here six valuable design tips and let your ingenuity in the creation of the photo book run wild!

Tip 1: Decide on the appropriate photo book format!

You have made many landscape paintings and photos in landscape mode? Then perhaps the panorama photo book is best suited for your best holiday memories. By bond and the premium brand photo paper, the images on double sides have their full effect.

Tip 2: Overview create a table of contents!

Select one photo to the places visited or special events and make using titles and a small introductory text overview rich contents with your travel highlights.

Tip 3: Save self-created layouts for later on!

You want a personal and self-designed layout often installed in your book? Simply select the page and click on the toolbar above the “Save Layout” on – already finds the page in the overview window of the design category “page layout” under “My Layouts”. Additionally, you can select this custom page as favorites when you click with the right mouse button on the desired layout.

Tip 4: Put special accents with frame in the picture!

Select a picture, put it on the desired photo and set by right-clicking the transparency to 100%. Returning right click on the transparent screen, you can “image edges and shadow” design now.

Tip 5: Especially nice: a break in the frame with headlines or short texts!

Insert a text box, set the background color to white (or another color: toolbar “background color of the text field”) and drag then to the desired location on the frame. More space on the edge you generate by a corresponding number of spaces left and right, or by centering the text field.

Tip # 6: Integrate maps with your itinerary in the photobook!

With a mouse click on the Web icon to open the editing window where you can enter your destination and move the map, until the desired portion is found. Two card styles are available: the classic street view and topographic map. Then, add flags or other clipart and mark your destinations.

If you want to not only select places, but a route draw, there is the possibility to integrate it into the card – with a GPX file. Now you can right-click on the map under “GPX Track Select” to add the file. Then select an appropriate line color and width of your way and confirm your settings.

With these tips, we want a relaxing holiday, now much creativity in the layout of your new holiday photo book and then great fun browsing and relax!


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